Yisrael Arthur


International Protection
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Yisrael has worked in the International Protection team since he joined Gherson Solicitors LLP in January 2023. An aspiring solicitor who has a specific interest in various aspects of the ways in which technology, history, human rights, social rights and science intersect with law, he is developing an expertise in Complex Asylum, Extradition, Sanctions, Human Rights, Immigration, INTERPOL, Civil Litigation and White-collar Crime.

Prior to joining Gherson LLP, Yisrael worked at Clyde & Co in public and private insurance claims after graduating with a 2:1 in Anthropology and Law from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Yisrael has experience in working with charities, Non-Profits, NGOs and other varied civil society groups from Operation Black Vote to Greenpeace and the Sudanese Legal Network. Yisrael is a member of the Black Solicitors Network, the Society of Black Lawyers and JUSTICE, he operates a small organisation, KANDA, that focuses on skills, community service and political education for young people. He has experience as a contributor to the LSE Anthropology department’s magazine. Yisrael also has experience as a public speaker and a moderator, including on a panel focused on Afro-Caribbean entrepreneurship that included a BBC executive and banking officials. Yisrael is motivated by challenging unfairness, taking care of clients’ needs and engaging in complex cases that require hard work, teamwork and creativity.

Notable experience

  • Assisting in successfully challenging and amending a report on a client engaged in crypto markets from a global provider of financial market data and infrastructure.
  • Assisting in a cross-border dispute regarding non-delivery of several million dollars of oil, litigated in the UK High Court.
  • Assisting in challenging the ‘de-banking’ of a client by a high street commercial bank by challenging the premise of the cancellation of banking services.
  • Assisting in challenging a refusal to a complex immigration application that is being challenged both as an appeal and a judicial review.
  • Assisting in challenging and amending a report on a client from a global provider of financial market data and infrastructure that has cross-border implications regarding transfer of sentence and jurisdictional conflicts between EU member states.
  • Assisting in an international protection claim that engages elements of international European politics as they play out at a national level.

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