Immigration Sanctions

The UK Home Office implements and enforces immigration sanctions, also known as travel bans. If you are a foreign national, included on the UK sanctions list, it is likely that you will be subjected to travel bans. This means that you become an ‘excluded person’ and any visa applications you make will likely be refused.. If you are a foreign national present in the UK at the time of being subjected to immigration sanctions, your leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom may be cancelled. If so, steps will be taken to remove them from the UK.
Should you choose to instruct Gherson in respect of your matter, it will be imperative to take prompt steps to prepare an immigration claim within 20 working days.

Gherson assists with preparing immigration claims and has over 40 years of experience dealing with immigration law, which, combined with sanctions experience, put Gherson in a unique position to provide expert advice on immigration sanctions matters.