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Targeted international sanctions have become an increasingly common foreign policy tool and can have a devastating impact on companies and individuals who find themselves subject to them.

The indirect effects of sanctions can also be felt far beyond the individual or company listed. Family members, business partners and other associates can find themselves negatively affected by a listing that may have no direct connection to them.

Gherson has experience in dealing with the UK authorities in respect of international sanctions. We also have experience in making representations to the EU authorities in respect of the imposition of sanctions and in successfully challenging these sanctions at the General Court of the EU.

Compliance with sanctions

Individuals or entities subject to sanctions (or those who wish to do business with them) must ensure that they comply with often complex rules to ensure that they do not fall foul of the relevant sanctions regime. Those who do business internationally must also ensure that they have effective compliance procedures in place to protect themselves and their business from penalties for breaching any relevant sanctions.

Gherson is able to assist individuals or companies in applications to the UK authorities for licences in order to enable them to conduct business that might otherwise be prevented by sanctions regimes. Gherson can also advise businesses on their obligations and can work with them to ensure their compliance systems are watertight.

Challenging sanctions

Those who wish to challenge the imposition of EU sanctions can do so by two main routes:

  • Written representations to the Council of the EU
  • An application for annulment to the General Court of the EU

Gherson has extensive experience of both processes and is currently representing several individuals in on-going proceedings before the General Court of the EU.

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For advice on immigration, nationality, extradition or human rights, please contact us now.

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