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Important information for the end of the Brexit Transition Period and the EU Settlement Scheme, if you or your close family members are an EU / EEA Citizen

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Tax And Cryptoassets – Have You Been Making Significant Gains? HMRC Will Probably Be Aware

The Manual starts by providing a helpful description of “cryptoassets” and other related technological concepts such...

Immigration Latest From Gherson

Gherson is a London law firm specialising in UK immigration, nationality, extradition and Human Rights law.

The UK’s Very Favourable Tax Regime For ‘Non-Doms’

This is all down to something known as the ‘remittance basis’ of taxation, which most individuals from overseas can...

What Is Fake News And How Does It Reverberate Through Some Of Our Largest, Supposedly Scrupulous Legal Institutions?

Before the term “fake news” was injected into our political discourse, the Soviet Union regularly utilised what is...

Late Applications To The EU Settlement Scheme – Clarity Provided

The deadline for applications under this scheme is 30 June 2021. This means that from 1 July 2021, all those EU, EEA...

What Is The Representative Of An Overseas Business Visa?

The applicant is restricted to working for the said branch or subsidiary and cannot undertake other work or engage in...

Easing Of COVID-19 Restrictions

Today also marks the return of domestic holidays within England. The ban on travel for international holidays,...

Update: Overseas Visitors’ Records Office (OVRO) Online Portal

Following the OVRO’s recent launch of its new online registration portal, which went live on 7 April 2021, please see...

COVID Vaccine Eligibility

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have provided recommendations to the NHS on the groups...

Will Brexit Bring A Talent Exodus?

Adam Hoefel, head of the Corporate and General Immigration Departments at Gherson Solicitors, discusses Brexit...

Chinese Sanctions Reveal Tension Between Human Rights and Chinese Market Access for UK, Canada

Neil Williams and Thomas Cattee, white-collar crime lawyers at Gherson Solicitors, discuss Chinese sanctions and...

Concerned About Applying For Settled Status Due To Excess Absences As A Result Of COVID-19?

One example is how applicants applying for Settled Status should deal with having excessive absences from the UK, often caused as a direct result...


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For advice on immigration, nationality, extradition or human rights, please contact us now.

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