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Human Rights and International Protection

Alongside its renowned personal and corporate immigration departments Gherson maintain an unparalleled reputation in assisting individuals with complex personal circumstances who require international and human rights protection.

Gherson handle domestic and international extradition proceedings alongside claims for international protection (e.g. asylum), human rights-based applications and appeals and applications to international courts and tribunals, all under one roof. This provides our clients with significant advantages:


By dealing with all of a client’s protection matters, Gherson are able to ensure that a global case strategy is followed to ensure the best possible outcome.

In complex cases, expertise in extradition law alone is often not enough. A coordinated strategy is required and a claim for international protection will often be the only way of protecting a client’s interest.

In addition, there may be applications to INTERPOL, the European Court of Human Rights or the General Court of Justice of the EU.

Working closely with local lawyers, Gherson have experience of coordinating teams of defence lawyers and crafting a winning strategy.


These cases often involve extremely sensitive issues and prospective witnesses may be extremely wary about providing statements to several groups of lawyers. In addition, thought must be given at an early stage to the extent to which certain evidence can be deployed. The interplay between extradition proceedings and claims for international protection and other ancillary litigation is complex. Gherson have experience of managing the most sensitive of cases and in identifying the most appropriate forum in which to defend a case.

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Gherson is proud of its reputation in this specialist area of law. If you have any queries or are interested in talking to us about your specific circumstances please contact us or send us an e-mail.


Our Experts

Charles Burnett Charles Burnett

Solicitor in our Complex Case team, specialising in human rights, asylum and international law
Joe Levtov Joe Levtov

Solicitor in our Complex Case team, specialising in human rights and asylum
Roger Gherson Roger Gherson

Founder and principle of Gherson Solicitors.



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For advice on immigration, nationality, extradition or human rights, please contact us now.

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