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Human Rights

Protecting individual and property rights lies at the heart of Gherson’s values.

Since the Human Rights Act 1998 came in to force in October 2000, any decision made in respect of an individual’s entitlement to enter or remain in the UK has to be compatible with the requirements of the rights set out in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR). More importantly, anyone whose application for permission to enter or to remain in the UK is refused may be able to appeal against that refusal on the basis that the decision breaches his or her human rights.

Our human rights lawyers have experience of conducting a broad range of cases dealing with the liberty of individuals and protecting business assets and other property rights, in both the UK courts and the European Court of Human Rights. We have extensive experience in preparing applications, appeals and judicial reviews to protect individual human rights in the immigration context. Our successes include challenges on the basis of long residence in the UK, family life in the UK and the need for continuing medical treatment in the UK, among others.

Outside of the immigration context, Gherson have acted for individuals who have been victims of politically motivated attacks abroad; deploying human rights arguments to overturn sanctions, protect business assets and other property rights, and expose flaws and injustice in criminal proceedings. We have also acted for a number of high profile businessmen subject to extradition proceedings in the UK and abroad. We have worked extensively with legal teams across multiple jurisdictions to co-ordinate successful defence strategies and challenges. Gherson regularly conduct complex litigation cases against UK authorities. We are not afraid to take on state bodies, in the UK or abroad, to uphold our clients’ rights whenever they have suffered an injustice

This is a dynamic area of law, which remains in constant flux. The frequency of the changes in the law means that success or failure will often depend upon the care with which arguments are advanced and more directly, upon the way in which the ever increasing body of case law is deployed by a legal representative.

It is therefore, essential that you seek expert advice.

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Our Experts

Charles Burnett Charles Burnett

Solicitor in our Complex Case team, specialising in human rights, asylum and international law
Joe Levtov Joe Levtov

Solicitor in our Complex Case team, specialising in human rights and asylum
Roger Gherson Roger Gherson

Founder and principle of Gherson Solicitors.



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For advice on immigration, nationality, extradition or human rights, please contact us now.

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