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Please note we are not instructed by the Kier Group, or Kier LTD. If you have been asked to contact us in order to secure work with this organisation, please exercise extreme caution.

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Domestic and International

Gherson have extensive experience of domestic investigations and prosecutions in relation to all white-collar criminal and regulatory matters.  However, in today’s globalised world it is increasingly likely that investigations and prosecutions will involve several prosecuting agencies across multiple jurisdictions.   Gherson lawyers have experience working in collaboration with multiple international prosecuting agencies on some of the most recent and largest multi-jurisdictional cases, garnering unique insights into this multi-agency process, and how an international investigation can pan out.  We are able to bring this expertise, experience and insight in defence against all aspects of the multi-jurisdictional investigations process and are ideally placed to provide specialist strategic advice.  The team are particularly alive to the interplay between agencies, together with how the product of any investigative measure will be used and shared as the investigation progresses, and are therefore able to coordinate a sophisticated response accordingly.

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For advice on immigration, nationality, extradition or human rights, please contact us now.

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