Cross-Border Disputes and Strategic Advice

A dispute is often part of a wider set of issues faced by our corporate and individual clients. These might not be limited to a single jurisdiction or forum, and/or might involve fighting on multiple fronts, such as interrelated claims or concurrent criminal and civil matters.

By drawing on the wealth of expertise in such complex matters from across the firm, we can help to oversee and manage the strategy for our clients. Our civil experts can work closely with our other teams (including sanctions, immigration and criminal experts) to assist you in managing the strategy for such situations and taking a co-ordinating role.

In doing this, we can help you identify and tailor the steps you might wish to take to obtain the best outcomes for what matters to you or your business the most, such as by helping you to mitigate risk, account for your wider objectives and ensure that the steps you take in one area will support your aims in others.