Regulatory Agencies and Prosecuting Authorities

Our experienced team knows that allegations faced by individuals and corporations relating to white-collar offences incorporate, in many cases, suspicions of wrongdoing across multiple borders, resulting in multi-authority and multi-agency investigations.

Regulatory Agencies and Prosecuting Authorities

As such, any investigation may involve both prosecuting authorities and regulatory agencies across numerous jurisdictions, including the Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission in the US, and UK agencies such as the Serious Fraud Office and Financial Conduct Authority .

We regularly advise on international investigations in which numerous agencies may be acting. Our clients benefit from our wealth of experience leading in international multi-jurisdictional investigations alongside French and US prosecution authorities.

We fully understand that the broad spectrum of agencies in Europe, together with multijurisdictional bodies such as Interpol and Europol, can mean that an investigation has to be defended on a number of fronts.  We expertly ensure that a robust defence is put forward for our clients, irrespective of which jurisdiction the challenges may come from.  We are also well adept at defending those who find themselves subject to an extradition request.

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Am I entitled to legal aid?

Legal aid is means tested and is only available to…

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Legal aid is means tested and is only available to those with a yearly income under a certain threshold. Those who do not qualify must either pay privately or represent themselves.

We only operate on a privately funded basis.

Can I speak to a lawyer?

Yes, you have the right to be represented. At the…

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Yes, you have the right to be represented. At the police station you can ask to call a lawyer of your choosing.
At court you are entitled to be represented throughout.

It is possible to arrange representation before arriving at court – this can be done directly yourself or through your family.

Those who have no lawyer at court will be offered the opportunity to speak to the duty solicitor free of charge. There is a rota of solicitors at court every day who deal with any unrepresented defendants.

The duty scheme is only available for your first appearance at court, after this you will need to arrange your own lawyer.


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