Individuals and Corporations

Gherson are able to rely on extensive defence and investigative experience to provide defence advice in relation to investigations and prosecutions against both individuals and corporations and are alive to the nuances of each situation, the differing criminal and regulatory considerations, and thus able to offer a bespoke service as required.

Our team have wide experience acting for individuals and companies, and so are well placed to assist with a wide range of issues which may arise.

Individuals and Corporations

Internal investigations

There are occasions where companies become aware of issues, whether through the actions of employees, or from information elsewhere, and these issues need to be addressed before they develop into formal investigations by the authorities.

Where issues arise or are suspected, then information is key, and having the ability to understand and review where weaknesses could develop is crucial in forming the strategy to resolve problems, and help strengthen compliance procedures as the company moves forward.

We are in a position to advise and conduct internal investigations to look into areas of potential concern, and will provide detailed advice on the steps to be taken should issues be discovered.  Each business is different, therefore we assemble a bespoke team of experts to conduct as review, and advise on all relevant points.

There are circumstances where a company may be required to report discrepancies found to the authorities, or it may be that a company wishes to self-report an issue before the authorities conduct their own enquiries, such as when Deferred Prosecution Agreements are a consideration.

In either scenario, our team are experienced in dealing with the range of factors to be considered, and can advise the board on the appropriate steps to be taken.

We understand that the day to day running of the company will be of paramount importance, therefore a discreet, focused investigation by a credible 3rd party will ensure that the company can continue to conduct business normally, and reputational concerns are minimised.

The team will provide a detailed report of their findings, together with recommendations for potential actions to be taken, so that the board can be certain that all matters have been addressed, and the company can look towards putting any problems behind it and continue to move forward.

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