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Zimbabwe Crisis

Rumours of a military coup began through social media on Tuesday, following the army’s warning on Monday that they could intervene in politics.  Today, news broke that the President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is under house arrest along with four other senior ministers.  The military has taken over the national broadcaster. There were reports of firing heard during the early morning from the Northern suburbs of Harare, where a number of government officials and President Mugabe live.  

Working in the UK as a Turkish National

Many Turkish nationals want to come and work in the UK.  Under the provisions of the Ankara agreement, a special visa route exists for Turkish nationals. This allows Turkish nationals to apply for leave to enter the UK on a completely different basis to other non-EU migrant workers.

There are currently two routes open to Turkish nationals who want to migrate to the UK. Both options were established as part of the European Community Association Agreement with Turkey. These options are:

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