UK arrests in alleged £1 billion illegal crypto firm

21 Jun 2024, 57 mins ago

On 20 June 2024 the Financial Conduct Authority, the UK’s financial watchdog, and London police arrested two people in connection with an alleged illegal cryptocurrency exchange worth more than £1 billion. The arrest followed searches on two properties. The arrests come on the heels of UK authorities being granted new powers in relation to the seizure and confiscation of cryptoassets.


According to the FCA website, more than £1 billion of unregistered cryptoassets are believed to have been bought and sold through this business. The FCA inspected the offices associated with the suspects and the police seized several digital devices during searches of two residential London properties.

The FCA appears determined to stop crypto firms operating illegally in the UK, stating that:

The FCA has an important role to play in keeping dirty money out of the UK financial system. These arrests show we will do everything in our power to stop crypto firms from operating illegally in the UK”.

New powers for the seizure and recovery of cryptoassets

Some reports indicate that crypto crime amounted to more than £19 billion worth of transactions over the past year, and the FCA lists more than 13,000 businesses that it suspects of operating illegally in the UK.

The new powers will bolster the current criminal and civil regimes for the seizure and confiscation of criminal property. New technologies bring new challenges, and these newly installed powers will provide practical solutions to deal with issues connected to cryptoassets such as price volatility, practicalities in the seizure and recovery of cryptoassets and issues related to the storing of those assets.

Partner Thomas Cattee has written an article for Practical Law about these latest developments, “Legal developments in the seizure and recovery of cryptoassets”.

Gherson’s criminal investigations and litigation team

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The team is also able to provide advice to anyone facing investigation in relation to any allegation of criminality involving cryptoassets.

The Gherson team has written extensively on the topic of cryptocurrencies their regulation, and potential for fraud, some of our recent articles on this topic.

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