Top Tips on How to Recruit Health and Social Care Workers

29 Jan 2024, 42 mins ago

After the Rise of the Earning Threshold for Skilled Workers

Recent adjustments to the earning threshold for skilled workers have presented challenges for employers, especially those in the health and social care sector. This blog aims to provide valuable tips for recruiters looking to navigate these changes and successfully recruit health and social care workers.

Stay Informed about Policy Changes:

The first step in adapting to the new immigration landscape is staying well-informed. Regularly check government updates, policy changes, and industry news to understand how alterations to the earning threshold may impact your recruitment strategies.

Keep an eye on the Shortage Occupation List:

Keep an eye on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL), which highlights occupations facing a scarcity of skilled workers in the UK. Health and social care roles often feature on this list, granting employers the advantage of reduced salary requirements. Utilise this list to your benefit and tailor your recruitment efforts accordingly.

Invest in Training and Development:

Consider investing in training and development programmes for existing staff or potential recruits to bridge the skills gap. By nurturing talent within the UK, not only will you contribute to the growth of your team but also align with the immigration policies that prioritise upskilling the local workforce.

Implement Competitive Benefits Packages:

In light of the increased earning threshold, it is crucial to offer competitive benefits packages to attract top-tier talent. Comprehensive healthcare coverage, professional development opportunities and flexible working arrangements can make your organisation more appealing to potential recruits.

Emphasise Career Progression:

Highlight career progression opportunities within your organisation. Talented health and social care professionals are not only seeking competitive salaries but also long-term career growth. Showcase your commitment to professional development and advancement to attract and retain skilled workers.

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