Recent changes to the UK Standard Visit visa

15 Jan 2024, 42 mins ago

The UK Government released a statement of changes on 7 December 2023, outlining the changes happening to the UK Standard Visit visa. Remember, not everybody needs to obtain a Standard Visit visa to visit the UK, and if you need insight as to whether you require one, we invite you to read our recent blog on this.

This blog will specifically look at the changes to the list of Permitted Activities that Standard Visit visa holders can carry out during their visit to the UK.

On 7 December 2023, the UK Government released a statement of changes which outlined the updates happening to the Standard Visit visa route in January 2024. The current list of Permitted Activities as a Visitor is outlined in our recent blog here. When the changes are enforced, the list will be amended to include:

  • Remote work for your employment overseas (provided this is not the main purpose of your visit);
  • An exhaustive list of business activities permitted in an intra-corporate setting, provided that they are incidental to your overseas employment;
  • Confirmation that a pilot or member of the cabin crew may work in the UK temporarily, provided that they remain employed and remunerated overseas;
  • Confirmation that you may take part in a formal exchange arrangement as an academic, scientist or researcher to collaborate with UK counterparts (replacing the current stringent permission to share knowledge and advise); and
  • Confirmation that overseas qualified lawyers may provide particular services whilst visiting the UK.

These additions to the list of Permitted Activities will be beneficial to individuals who are required to travel to the UK due to the nature of their overseas employment, i.e. to meet with clients and carry out projects. We are likely to see an increase in global mobility and an ease in the process for businesses to send employees to the UK. Furthermore, with remote working becoming increasingly popular since the Covid-19 pandemic, this new addition of remote working as a consequence of travel hopes to encourage more tourists visiting the UK.

In addition to the amendments to the list of Permitted Activities, the ‘Permitted Paid Engagement’ Visit visa category has been deleted and will be considered under the Standard Visitor visa route from 31 January 2024, which means that permission will usually be granted in line with the Standard Visit visa (i.e. 6 months instead of 1 month). Although permission will be granted for 6 months, the permitted paid engagement must be completed within 30 days of entry into the UK.

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