24 Oct 2016, 23 mins ago

It has recently been revealed that UK Border control will soon be introducing a new frequent traveler registration scheme, aimed at creating a priority route or ‘fast lane’ through border control for business visitors to the UK who are able to demonstrate that they have frequently visited the UK prior as a business visitor.

The pilot scheme be very limited at first, and will only be available for business visitors who are nationals of the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan. The scheme will also only be in place at the international ports, Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Although we must wait for further details on precisely how the scheme will work, the following rough outline has been provided:

The business visitor will be required to register their details on a specific website. Once they have registered on this website, they will have to provide evidence of at least four visits to the UK as a business visitor in the twelve months preceding the date of registration. After this evidence has been assessed, the business visitor will receive an email confirmation of whether they have been accepted onto the scheme, and, if their application has been successful, the business visitor should present this email acceptance to border control officers when they enter the UK and they will be directed to the appropriate priority route.