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Posted by: Gherson Immigration

From 28 October applicants applying for indefinite leave to remain or naturalisation in the UK will be required to demonstrate a knowledge of the English language in addition to the Life in the UK test.

Applicants will be required to demonstrate to the UK Border Agency that they have a B1 rating in speaking and listening in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference.

The same exemption rules apply, as on the Life in the UK test, however, some applicants will not need to take the test from having to take the test if they are able to prove they meet the requirement in another specified way. For example, if you have undertook a course of study in the UK at degree level or higher you will already be deemed to have sufficient knowledge of the English language.

Further, if you are from one of the UKBA listed majority English language speaking countries you will also be deemed to have met the requirement and will not have to take the test. Finally, if you have previously undertaken a UKBA recognised English language test and it is still valid you will not need to retake the test providing you have B1 or above.

If you have already been granted settlement in the UK, post 28 October you will need to satisfy the current immigration rules in respect of taking an English language test even though you have previously taken the Life in the UK test.

All applicants unless exempt are required to still undertake the Life in the UK test

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