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I fear I may be subject to an INTERPOL Red Notice, what other checks should I make?

Posted by: Gherson White-Collar Crime

As part of Gherson White-Collar Crime’s blog series exploring INTERPOL and the various issues that clients can potentially run into with this international police database, this blog post asks what other avenues should be explored by people who fear that they are the subject of an INTERPOL Red Notice.

I fear I am subject to an INTERPOL Red Notice – what should I do?

The issuing of an INTERPOL Red Notice has seismic implications for an individual. As our initial blog post on INTERPOL and Red Notices made clear, those who fear that they have been targeted by a Red Notice should avoid international travel and seek immediate legal advice.

What other checks should I consider making?

I fear I may be subject to an INTERPOL Red Notice, what other checks should I make?If the Red Notice concerns allegations of financial crime, a hallmark of the politically motivated attacks of despotic regimes, individuals should also be concerned that the financial institution with which they bank with or conduct business with may sever ties with them, based on myriad factors including anti-money laundering concerns.

Our previous blog post on compliance databases such as World Check, Lexis Nexis or Dow Jones outlined the basic functions of these organisations and touched on their importance as potential gatekeepers to access to the international financial system.

These compliance databases will often rely on information from a variety of sources, including information published by INTERPOL. However, even in circumstances where INTERPOL have removed a Red Notice from their system, these databases could continue to rely on or even promogulate the allegations that formed the basis of a cancelled Red Notice.

Gherson’s White-Collar Crime Team have previously described what steps individuals can take to attempt to rectify this situation.

How can Gherson help?

An INTERPOL Red Notice can have profound consequences for an individual, and will often generate multiple issues that should be addressed holistically.

Gherson has extensive experience advising and assisting with all aspects of extradition, INTERPOL and Red Notice challenges and defending against international criminal investigations and white-collar crime and related civil litigation issues.

If you would like to speak to us in respect of any of the issues raised in this blog or about your specific circumstances, do not hesitate to contact us for advice, send us an e-mail, or alternatively, follow us on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn to stay-up-to-date.


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