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China announces strict controls over cross-border activity

Posted by: Gherson Immigration

On 12 November 2020 Yin Chengji, the Deputy Director of the National Immigration Administration (NIA) in China, stated that in order to prevent the importation of foreign Coronavirus cases, the NIA will seek to strictly control any unnecessary cross-border activity. Yin confirmed that the NIA will monitor and examine closely applications for entry-exit documents for non-essential reasons, and will discourage and restrict mainland Chinese residents’ non-essential entry and exit such as travel for tourism or visiting family and friends overseas.

The above statement was made at a press conference held by the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council on strengthening the prevention and control of the winter epidemic and the in-depth development of the patriotic health campaign.

As the numbers of imported Coronavirus cases in China increase, 46 land ports and 66 border crossings have been closed, and security measures have been strengthened to prevent foreign personnel from bypassing and crossing the border, with the movement of cargo being an exception. The NIA will also continue to suspend entry of foreigners with certain types of valid visas and residence permits, as well as regional visa-free policies. 

Please note that this is a new policy on which Gherson is actively seeking clarification. Please check our future blogs for any update.

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