Can I upgrade my visa application to priority processing?

23 Янв 2024, 43 mins ago

The Priority processing service is a service applicants may opt into for an additional fee in order to receive a faster decision.

The Priority service normally means that your application will be processed within five working days of submission. The Super Priority processing service should reduce the application processing time to within one working day of submission. The date of submission is the date you enrol your biometrics (if you are attending an in-person appointment), and from the date of submission of your application if you have enrolled your biometrics using the IDV App. This is, however, dependent on whether the Home Office find complexities in your application, and therefore require more time to consider it. It’s important to note that Priority services are not always available for UK visa applications.

If you have already submitted an application that is eligible for Priority or Super Priority processing services but you have used the Standard processing services, you will not be permitted to retrospectively upgrade your application to be considered on a Priority service.

This blog will look into the options available to you if your circumstances change whilst your application is pending, and what you can practically do if you are required to travel urgently.

Varying an application could be an option for individuals who have submitted their application prior to the expiry of their current visa, but their visas have since expired whilst their applications have been pending with the Home Office. Individuals often vary applications when there has been a change of circumstances that means the pending application is no longer suitable for them. In respect of the processing standard, if you have already made your submission using the Standard service and it is yet to be decided, and the application is eligible for Priority processing services, an option would be for you to submit another application via the Priority processing service, requesting the Home Office to vary the application; only the new application should be considered.

There is certain ambiguity as to whether a change in processing standard constitutes a variation in the purpose of the application, so this would generally be considered on a discretionary basis by the Home Office. In order to indicate that you are applying to vary an application, you will be asked if you have an outstanding application in the online form, to which you should be answering ‘yes’ if variation is your intention. This type of application requires considerable preparation and assessments, so please do get in touch if you find yourself in this situation and require advice.

Fees for Priority Processing services

The recent changes to the UKVI visa fees in October 2023 also brought changes to the Priority processing fees. The fees are dependent on whether you apply from inside of the UK or outside. Please see our recent blog on the changes here.

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