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Business Immigration

Immigration Health Surcharge To Be Doubled To £400 Per Year
The Government is seeking to increase the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for temporary migrants as a bold measure to raise hundred of millions of...
Whilst the UK government has been actively engaged in negotiating the best Brexit deal for the country, a considerable number of UK businesses have...
Entrepreneur Visa in the United Kingdom
The Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa is an option for a businessperson looking to establish, take over, join or be actively involved in a business in the UK...
The Sole Representative Visa
The Sole Representative Visa allows foreign companies to send a senior employee to set up a wholly owned subsidiary or branch in the UK. This enables...
Despite dismissing the post-Brexit call to declare London a separate State, the Mayor of London has revealed that he is in discussions with key...

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For advice on immigration, nationality, extradition or human rights, please contact us now.

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