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Companies Suffer “Supply Shock” As Fewer EU Citizens Come To The UK As A Result Of Brexit
According to a survey of 2,000 employers, UK companies are experiencing “supply shock” as fewer EU citizens are choosing to come to the UK for work...
Theresa May’s Failure To Set Out New Immigration Rules For After Brexit May Allow Fears To Be Exploited Again, MPs Report
The Prime Minister, Theresa May, is being accused of leaving a dangerous “vacuum” that will allow pro-Brexit groups to “exploit” fears as the UK...
New Pilot Scheme For EEA Nationals To Register Post-Brexit
The government have announced a trial of the post-Brexit registration process in three Liverpool universities and 12 NHS trusts in the north-west. ...
Chequers Proposal Sets Out An End To Free Movement But Might It Still Be Easier For EU Citizens To Enter Britain, Over Those From Other Parts Of The World?
Theresa May’s Chequers Proposal, which confirmed unlimited immigration from the EU will end, was agreed by the cabinet on Friday 6 July. After a 12-...
Settled Status
The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, has announced that EU citizens wishing to remain in the UK post ‘Brexit’ will have to answer just three simple...
Plan wyjścia z Unii Europejskiej
(Note: This article is also published in English and Russian)
The ‘EU Exit Settlement Scheme’
On 25 May 2018 new details emerged about the new ‘EU Exit Settlement Scheme’ which is being introduced to implement the rights of EU citizen...
Increase In Fees For British Nationals Who Wish To Renounce British Citizenship In Favour Of Alternative Nationality
Since the UK’s 2016 referendum, there has been a surge in British nationals acquiring citizenship of other EU member states due to the uncertainty...
Po Brexicie: Przepisy imigracyjne Wielkiej Brytanii najprawdopodobniej będą miały największy wpływ na mniej wykwalifikowanych pracowników z krajów Unii Europejskiej
(Note: This article is also published in English and Russian)
Immigration Rules Most Likely To Affect Lower Skilled EU Workers
In his recent address to the Home Affairs Committee, the Chair of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), Professor Alan Manning, advised the MPs...
Brexit Immigration Plan Delayed Again
Downing Street has confirmed that the proposals for the UK’s post-Brexit immigration policy will be published ‘in the coming months’. 
The official...
Brexit - Status rezydentury po: Pewny czy niepewny?
(Note: This article is also available in English)
W dniu 12 kwietnia 2018 r. Migration Observatory opublikowało raport, w którym wskazano, że...


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For advice on immigration, nationality, extradition or human rights, please contact us now.

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