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US Treasury Publishes “Oligarch list” - But Will They Impose New Sanctions?

Posted by: Gherson Immigration

US Treasury Publishes “Oligarch list” - But Will They Impose New Sanctions?

On Tuesday 30 January 2018, the US Treasury Department published a highly anticipated list of 210 Russian individuals.  Dubbed the “oligarch list”, the list consists of 96 Russians billionaires and 114 top government officials and state-company heads.

The list was required to be published under last year’s sanctions legislation.  The list includes 22 individuals who are already subject to US sanctions.  However, no new or additional sanctions were imposed on any individuals.

The Treasury Department has stated that the list released contains only the unclassified portion and that there is a further classified portion that may include other names.  The document was aimed to punish Russia for allegedly meddling in the 2016 US election.  

Whilst no new sanctions were imposed on the individuals there has been speculation that this list represents individuals who could be subject to US sanctions in the future.

Gherson has extensive experience in representing individuals on sanctions list.  Recently Gherson, representing Mr Ivanyushcehnko, won a case against the Council of the EU.  The case was heard in the General Court of the EU confirming the annulment of restrictive measures in the form of financial sanctions against Mr Ivanyushcehnko. Should you require any further information please contact us.


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