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Gherson our people

Started by Roger Gherson in 1988, Gherson is an award winning, specialist UK immigration, nationality and human rights law firm based in London. One of London's top law firms, Gherson was recently awarded 'UK Immigration Advisory Firm of 2013'.

With over 26 years of experience, Gherson's expertise extends from meeting the migration needs of international business people and those of UK-based companies to litigation in all UK jurisdictions as well as in the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice.

Named as an expert in all the leading guides to immigration lawyers, Roger Gherson has a reputation for tenacity which is reflected in the firm's breadth of litigation work. Roger has attracted some of the best immigration lawyers in the UK to the firm. He and our other immigration solicitors have extensive experience of human rights and asylum claims (private only), whether in the context of extradition, national security proceedings or otherwise.

Clients seek our help and expertise from all over the world. Clients include entrepreneurs, private clients and multinational corporations from the USA, Australia, South Africa, Russia and the CIS states, the Middle East, China and other emerging markets. The firm has a wide private and corporate client base, including public companies, law firms and private banks. Our advantage is that we are independent and at the same time have the ability and experience to handle the very largest cases for our clients both in the UK and across other jurisdictions.

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