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05 July 2010
The post-election speculation has finally ended with the government’s announced “four strand policy” starting to take shape. The stated aim is to “reduce net immigration to the levels of the 1990’s”,... Read more »
24 June 2010
The question the Court of Appeal had to answer in Pankina and others v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2010] EWCA Civ 719 was whether the UKBA’s Points Based System Policy Guidance was... Read more »
17 June 2010
In one of its recently issued determinations the Upper Tribunal's Immigration and Asylum Chamber seems to have begun freely to express its frustration at what it sees as the idiosyncrasies of the points-based... Read more »
11 June 2010
In FW (Paragraph 322: untruthful answer) Kenya [2010] UKUT 165 (IAC) - one of a batch of recently reported determinations issued by the new Asylum and Immigration Chamber of the Upper Tribunal – the... Read more »
09 June 2010
The Asylum and Immigration Chamber of the Upper Tribunal has issued two important determinations, FA and AA (PBS: effect of Pankina) Nigeria [2010] UKUT 00304 (IAC) and CDS (PBS: "available": Article... Read more »
09 June 2010
The coalition government's Home Secretary Theresa May today announced that from the autumn of 2010 people applying for entry clearance or leave to remain as the spouse, civil partner or fiancé... Read more »
02 June 2010
A significant change in German Immigration law, which occurred on 28 August 2007, has received little media coverage but could positively affect many. This law principally allows for citizens from EU... Read more »
25 May 2010
In Secretary of State for Work and Pensions v Taous Lassal [2009] EWCA Civ 157 , the Court of Appeal made a reference to the European Court of Justice (the ECJ). The Court of Appeal asked the ECJ to... Read more »
17 May 2010
Since the Coalition was announced on 11 May the news section of the United Kingdom Border Agency’s website has said: “Following the UK general election on 6 May 2010, the UK Border... Read more »
06 May 2010
Appeal courts hear appeals against decisions. That is why the courts exist – in order for people to complain that decisions affecting them are wrong and should be overturned. So at first sight it... Read more »
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