European Union - Accession States

European Union Law

Until 30 April 2011 people from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia working for an employer were required to register under the Worker Registration Scheme shortly after starting work. However, the scheme has now closed and the rights of residence for nationals of these countries are the same as for all other EU nationals (less Bulgaria and Romania).

  • There are no limits on the type of work you can do.
  • Self-employment is not affected.
  • There is no special registration for self-employed A8 nationals, just the normal self-employment requirements that apply to anyone in the UK.
  • After a year of registered work, workers can apply for a registration card and are then entitled to all the rights of EU nationals.
  • For other rights, including rights of family members of people working, see our information on EU nationals.

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